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March 2015 - Maple Madness® Driving Tour
March 14 & 15, 21 & 22, 2015

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Maple Madness

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The Maple Madness® Driving Trail is the biggest and best maple experience in the United States. Each year it continues to grow and people travel across Ohio to visit a sugarhouse, have a unique maple experience and purchase pure Ohio maple syrup.

The United States Department of Agriculture recently approved a Specialty Crop Block Grant to the Ohio Maple Producers Association to better market Ohio maple syrup. The grant writing was spearheaded by Nate Bissell, Dan Brown and Terese Volkmann. Many hours went into this successful project which will benefit all maple syrup producers across the state.

The focus for the use of the grant funds will be, first, for Ohio maple syrup producers to sell more maple products directly to the consumer which will increases producer's income - make more money. Secondly, it will be to educate the consumer about Ohio's deep and rich maple history and heritage which will encourage them to purchase more maple products directly from the producers. Finally, being a part of the growing agri-tourism industry which shows people where their food comes from and encourages them to purchase directly from the grower. Agri-tourism also boosts local economies because when people travel they purchase fuel, food, lodging and shop.

This will be accomplished through the Maple Madness® Driving Trail and creating a MAPLE OHIO MAGAZINE, which will include March maple events across Ohio and other maple related information. Enclosed in this packet is information on the publication, which will feature the tour and Ohio's maple industry. The magazine will be distributed across the state and be something that will be kept for future maple reference.

Because of this opportunity, all producers, maple related events and activities should be planning to participate in the 2015 Maple Madness® Driving Trail, the biggest and best maple tour in the United States. Encourage other producers in your area to join in. Each year a tremendous amount of calls come in asking where to go in the Columbus - Dayton - Cincinnati region so producers in that area are encouraged to sign up. You do not even have to be making syrup, just be willing to open your sugarhouse and welcome visitors and sell them your maple syrup. You don't even need a sugarhouse, maybe a garage set up with products to sell, maple displays and information will do the trick.

Thanks to the Specialty Crop Block Grant, the Ohio maple industry will be showcased like never before. Every producer in Ohio stands to benefit from this extensive marketing. Be sure to be a part of this opportunity.


Since 2001, March in Ohio has meant people getting out of the house and visiting Yankee and Amish sugarhouses. The Maple Madness® Driving Trail has grown each year and the visitors have increased in number. It is a successful way to get producers and consumers together, to educate people about where pure Ohio maple syrup comes from and sell the delicious product. The goal is to have visitors drive no more than one hour across Ohio to reach a working sugarhouse. In some areas this is no problem. We need you to make this happen across the state.

More details are contained in the Invitation to Participate on this page. Please download that, along with the registration and advertising forms.